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Clan F.U.B.A.R.

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Clan F.U.B.A.R.

In order to become a member of our Clan


You must meet at least one of the following standards!


1.                Must have some form of physical 

         abnormality, be it missing limbs, eyes, 

         ears, nose, brain, heart, lungs, 

         non operative spine, mental disorder or 

         have some form of funky diseases 

         recognized by the Para Olympic 

         classification committee.


2.                This does not include gifted female or 

          male anatomy, unless you need a 

          wheelbarrow to go from point A to B.


3.                 Mental disorders are a double plus for 

         acceptance. Cause if u ain’t crazy when 

         you join, you will be after you join.




1.                 The more F.UB.A.R. ed you are, the         

          higher you rank in the clan.


2.                Illegal Words, when used in conjunction

         with I or I’m, such as Can’t, Won’t,  

         Scared, Hurt, Quit or Give Up, are 

         intolerable and can get you Banned 

         from the Clan.


3.                 You must be able to openly laugh, joke 

          and talk about your F.U.B.A.R.-ness.


4.               You must compete in at least one 

         Highland Games a year to remain a 

         member of the Clan.


5.                 All donations made to Clan F.U.B.A.R. 

         will be used for athlete shirts, photo 

         books, classification logs & equipment. 


6.                Clan Badges can change at anytime. The 

         more humorous it is, the better the badge.


7.            "Thumb sucking will result in the loss of said digit."

          Wilmington, Delaware



        Feel free to submit new rules / 

         qualifications to