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Our History


In Dedication to those Who Took the Time to Open the Doors


This information will be expanded, as more details become available!


Some time during the first week of August, 2005, a voce message, was left for me to contact Sgt Richard A. Jackson, Founder and Athletics Director of Wisconsin SCOTTISH Inc. and the Wisconsin Highland Games. In short, the message he left, was to invite me to compete with other Para athletes, at the first ever Assessable Scottish Heavy Athletic Competition on record, in the World. Soon after accepting his invitation to compete, Sgt Richard Jackson went the extra mile and found coaches for each physically challenged athlete that accepted his invitation, allowing each of us to be come familiar with the equipment, rules and learn the basics of the sport.  Sgt Richard Jackson‘s efforts included covering 5 states, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland. He also developed the rules, and weight designs for contesting the events from the Chair. He assigned implement weights for each disability class, while maintaining the traditions and original rules for each event. 


With 2 to 3 weeks of training, all athletes that accepted his invitation appeared in Waukesha WI, Labor Day weekend. With a clinic held the Saturday Prior to our official Flight, Sgt Richard Jackson arranged for North American Highland Athletics Authority and Nathanial Champion, Olympic and Collage Field event Coach, Robert (Coach Mac) McKay, and Paralympic Gold Medalist and Field Athletics’ Director and Throws Coach for Wheel Chair Sports, Larry Hughes to assist all with final direction, suggestions and tips on how to consider contesting each of the events, with prosthetics and from the chair….


Sunday September 5th 2005, 09:00hrs, I reported to the field and was read my position in the order of rotation of my flight, along with the other 6 Masters (Men over 40) and 3 Light weight (Men 190 and under) class athletes, that I would throw with. I found my self standing with and about to throw agents some of North Americas top Highland Athletes and Record holders some 40 in all. The events where contested, the throws were marked, barriers fell, doubt was cast aside, records were recorded and than broken as history was made...  Little known to the rest of the world as to what had really transpierced!! All though ESPN was covering the over all Wisconsin Highland Games as the last show of there 50 Sports in 50 States campaign.


So happy was I, to be able to compete with and against the rest of standing athletes, and feel fully accepted as a thrower and computer, I had a need to share this. As I continued with the local Highland games competitions in IL and training with my coach Kevin Neis, Athletics Director, Judge and Masters Class competitor, I contacted the other 4 members of the original group of Para-Heavy Highland Athletes. I did a little web work and Clan FUBAR was, formed. 


We are currently supported by the “FUBBAR Foundation Inc.”  We have gone the distance and passed over the threshold, I can’t say enough about the outstanding people that are involved in this sport. They are truly profound and sincere, always willing to go the extra mile.  Something the world needs more of and we are proud to know them.