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Clan F.U.B.A.R.

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Get the Shirt

With your help, we can get it done!!!! 


On this page we ask everyone that has viewed the site, participates in Scottish Heavy Athletics games, or know persons that would qualify for our clan.  We ask you to support our efforts to encourage others into the world of Scottish Heavy Athletics.


Please consider making a donation today.


All Monies contributed will go to produce clan shirts for promotional growth, public awareness and specialized equipment for our chair athletes. We will add your Logo on the Sponsor Sleeve for a  $50.00 donation or  more.  We are still awaiting our NON PROFIT 501[c] [3] confirmation.  We understand you may not want to contribute until we have our official status.


We truly thank all that do decide to contribute!

CLANN FUBAR SHIRTS   WE NEED TO RAISE $500.00 for the first run of 40 shirts and the making of the screens.









1. The shirts are Ultra Cotton 5% total shrinkage after 5 washings according to manufactures Directions.


2. The sizes run Loose.  small & medium can be purchased, Avaliable sizes Large, XL & XXL we need exact numbers for XXXL add $10.00


3.  The shirt Will  be Yellow with a Black Logo .  So if you want a sponsor us your logo, formats will be needed.


4.  Personalized Shirts with Names up to 15 Letters is an additional $15.00 per shirt.  4Week Turn around time


5.  All Sponsors and records of the Donation monies will be listed on the Web Site


6.  Below you will find a graphic of the final logo.  Shirts have a large logo on the back, a small logo on front Right breast, with Left breast pocket.  Those are crew neck T-shirts


8. Thanks everyone for your input and those who have acknowledged and submitted donations thus far.


9.  Shirts Prices will start at $20.00 for a 

revenue builder, shipping and handeling is additional.


This will be done by April 1st.  Sponsors will recieve one shirt for their donation. Meanwhile No Fear Darrel” and I will strut around Aspen Snowmass with our Kilts & Shirts. Promoting the Scottish Highland Heavy Athletic” competitions to a serious crowd of future Clan FUBAR, eligible members.  At the National Veterans Winter Sports Cinic.

 That come from all over the U.S.A.  


Overall, let us see what we can do!